We need your support!

Please help us!

You can help!

Nuwe Hoop Centre is committed to provide the best education and training for deaf, hearing impaired,  multi-disabled and learners with learning disabilities.  To ensure that we continue this work we rely on the generosity of individuals and companies to support us.

How can you help us!

These are the different ways that you can support us.  If there is anything else you can assist us with, please get in contact.

If you have time at hand or a skill/talent that you would like to share with the learners, be a volunteer at Nuwe Hoop Centre.

Any gift, no matter how small, is important at Nuwe Hoop Centre.  A gift from you shows your commitment to current and future generations of learners at Nuwe Hoop Centre.  The easiest way to make a donation is by cash,  cheque or wire transfer.

To make a pledge supporting a learner at Nuwe Hoop Centre for one year, please request the necessary forms by e-mail, complete it and send it back to us.