Foundation Phase

It is important that the foundation of speech and communication is laid early in a child’s life.  For that reason learners are admitted from 3 years of age.  The programme focuses on Sign Language, vocabulary, speech, speech reading and sensory and motor development.

The basic curriculum for Grade 1 to 3 is similar to that of schools for hearing learners.  The curriculum is extended to include Sign Language, speech training and audio practices.

Intermediate Phase

This section accommodates the Grade 4 to Grade 6 classes.  The core syllabus as used in mainstream schools, are adapted  to suit the abilities of our learners whereby total communication plus sign language are used for the presentation.

Senior Phase

Learners from Grade 7 to Grade 9 follow the same curriculum as in mainstream schools but with a few adaptations.  Total communication is used to educate the learners.

Vocational Training

This section of Nuwe Hoop Centre is divided into different practical skills that learners can acquire. These include: Woodwork, Bricklaying and Plastering, Metalwork, Upholstery, Needlework, Hairdressing and Consumer studies.  Learners can enroll in these different skills departments from age 14 years and older. They follow the same curriculum as the School of Skills i.e 50% practical work and 50% curriculum based work.


This section accommodates deaf and hard of hearing learners with a mental barrier.

Programmes focuses on self-assertion and self support and are all of practical nature.

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