A school of excellence, where all Deaf and Hard of Hearing learners can develop their full potential.

About Us

Nuwe Hoop Centre is the largest centre for education and training of deaf, hard of hearing, multiple handicapped and learners with learning disabilities in South Africa. Commissioned by the former Dutch Reformed Mission Church, Izak February started the centre in 1933.  His first four pupils received training in a single classroom in Parker Street.  Today Nuwe Hoop has over 500 learners from around South Africa and Namibia.

What We Do

We provide academic and vocational training to children between the ages of 3 – 21 years. We seek co-operation with the child, parent and community to develop the full potential of all learners. We promote a Christian value system and learning of new skills.  Our goal is to develop a social acceptable and economically independent member of society.

Our Sections

Nuwe Hoop Centre consists of three premises.  A lower campus for learners from Grade  R – 9 as well as a section for Vocational Training,consisting of: Needlework, Pannelbeating, Bricklaying and Upholstery.  

A upper campus for learners from Grade 4 – 9 as well as a section for Vocational Training consisting of:  Hairdressing, Metalwork and Woodwork.  A middle campus for learners who are multiple handicapped.

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